OccupyFM - taking over the world with vaporizers - don't let them grind you down! or let them grind you and the smoke 'em! Then drop them into a volcano and smoke them some more!




Occupy FM – the radio station for the revolution, without it then we’d all be going to hell! So after the occupation comes the revolution and after that comes the new world order – and after that??? Well, that is when you’d wished that you’d listened more to occupy FM and leaned all abut the power that a vaporizer can bering to you! Simply smoking the opposition is no longer enough, we now need to be able to vaporize them!

And what happens then is that you’ll all be glad that you get the chance to smoke it! So, be blessed and enjoy the vaporizers. There will be a revolution in the streets near you some time soon. And if there isn’t then perhaps you only have yoourself to balme for that, so come on – what are you waiting for are you the 1% or the 99%?

The equipment you need for the occupy will depend upon how much you really want to win and how long you intend to stay, essentials are obvious – eg. tent, water, shelter and then next come the luxuries – this is where you’ll need access to and their complete range of portable vaporizers – there are the home range – but although you might want to think that your occupy tent is the perfect home from home the reality is for closer to a slum – so the choice would need to be limited to the portable selection – maybe a wispr would be the one you’d choose? regardless of the actual choice then the reasons are obvious. Smoking is a health hazard whether you like to think so or not! There is no room for fire in the tents – at least not actually inside the occupy tents so the obvious choice would have to be something that can release the energy from a fine herbal blend and turn it into vapours but never actually cause combustion – so let is call i a controlled burn!!

As one former tenant wrote: “I had a cleaning crew come in, and I took pictures of every floor, every cabinet, every light fixture. They walked thru and said it was in perfect condition. After I left, a neighbor called me in Texas, and told me my door was unlocked and people were going in and out with their dogs. I called and told them this. Then two months later I got a bill for $1200 for ruined carpet.”

Another former Goldmark renter wrote: “I spent weeks and weeks cleaning, and being extremely pregnant, it is really hard to do. I had friends come over and help and they can testify that the place was spotless. I then received a letter from them stating that they had to clean and replace everything. They charged me for cleaning the tub and that they had to change light bulbs. I know there were a few things that needed replacing and we asked if we could buy them ourselves since I knew where they had purchased them. They said it would be cheaper for us to have them do it, that was a complete lie. I am now in debt with them over $1000 of complete lies. All in all we are now forced to stay where we are at because if they have taken over everything.”

Raise your fists, break your chains. Shake the world under your feet, and make a noise so loud, that the 1% will cower in their marble halls. For the time of The People has come

My fellow freedom fighters. Do not despair. No laws can choke out the fire that is already raging around this world

Here is our call to the people who strongly oppose our current system of government that has chosen profit over it’s people and who have continuously stripped it’s people of their rights!

Stand with me my brothers and sisters, it is time to celebrate. No longer feel your pain and sufferings. For the world is changing!

From volcano to Iolite – it is and will be possible to make a change to peoples habits. Vaporizers are more than something to make smoking herbs a more pleasant experience they are part of the revolution. Portable vaporizers can be taken anywhere – and any time. To start an occupy revolution at your own home then you are more likely to want something sophisticated like the volcano vaporizer. The choice is yours and in the UK, vaporizers are going to make a bi difference to peoples lives – not sure if you agree? Then see for some more background information. The new way is so much more sophisticated than the old – the 1% can no longer play games with our health – vaporizers will bring it back to the 99% – so take the time to have your voice heard and take to the streets! Occupy FM – occupy your one lives – don’t just be a spectator – spread the word and tell your family and friends of the benefits of vaporizing over smoking.